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How often do I need to service my generator?

To ensure the optimum reliability of your emergency power generator you require regular scheduled maintenance. We will carry out a site inspection and tailor a maintenance package to best suit your installation. This is a free service and is obligation free.


How can I make my generator 'automatic'?

We can make any generator installation automatic. It is as simple as installing an 'automatic transfer switch' or more commonly referred to as an 'ATS'. The ATS will sense the mains supply power and call for generator power when there is a loss of mains power supply.


What size generator do I need?

It is very important to size your generator correctly. We can come to site and size the generator for you. We will monitor your load for a 1 week period in order to determine your peak load and continues load. From this data we will provide you with a quote for the correct generator set and ATS.


What's the best brand of generator?

There are many different brands of generators and engine options. Each has its benefits. Here at City Generators we source and supply only the highest quality generators from the market leaders such as Cummins, Perkins, Honda, Kubota, Yanmar, Deutz and Caterpillar. We also deal in FG Wilson and Kohler generators.


What is a 'mine spec' generators?

City Generators have 'mine spec' generators ready for immediate dispatch that are compliant to MDG15 and BMA specifications. City Generators can supply or modify any generator set to the mine spec compliance.


How often do I load bank my generator?

It is important to load bank or 'dummy load ' your generator once a year for 4 hours. As your generator is for backup power it doesn't run very much throughout the year. This can lead to an array of problems as a diesel engine is designed to work. Sitting causes thermostat failures and fuel injection failures. Running the engine under heavy load keeps these systems flowing.


Does diesel fuel go off or grow a bug?

Yes it is true, diesel can go off and suffer from algae and bugs. These are common in bulk diesel fuel storage. City Generators treat the fuel with biocide to prevent algae and bug forming in the fuel. If the fuel already has the presents of these we can 'polish' the fuel to clean out the growths. If there is excessive algae or diesel bug or if the fuel is old and has gone off we will pump out the fuel, dispose of it in the correct environmental manor then supply new diesel fuel.


Who do I call if my standby generator breaks down?

We have a true 24 hour 7 day a week callout. If you have any fault with you standby generator or prime power generator City Generators will respond to your emergency within 1 hour. This gives you true piece of mind that you are not alone.


How much fuel does my generator use?

We are often asked as to the fuel consumption of generators and how long they will run for with the amount of fuel on your site. We will come to your site, carry out a load test and provide you with a true hourly fuel consumption and how long you will have before you need more fuel.


Do you supply and service out west?

City Generators supply, service and hire generators throughout Australia. We are everywhere and can service your needs and requirements.  Please feel free to Contact Us 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 1300 138 243


Where can I hire a generator?

We have a large range of hire generators ready for immediate dispatch to your site. This service is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.